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What People Are Saying About Kristine's Book

Jimmy Choi

Jimmy Choi

Three-time American Ninja Warrior

Person with Parkinson’s Disease

"Parkinson’s: How to Reduce Symptoms Through Exercise is the most powerful resource in your Parkinson’s toolbox. This book provides examples of how to manage your PD symptoms through exercise and is filled with real-life stories of people with Parkinson’s who have had life-changing results using the principles in this book. Don’t wait; read this book now. I waited eight years before I started to use exercise as a treatment tool against Parkinson’s. I wish I had this resource 20 years ago when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.”

Daniel Corcos

Daniel M. Corcos

Professor of Neuroscience at the Feinberg School of Medicine

Professor in the McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern University at Chicago

“This book is a must-read for everyone with Parkinson’s disease. It provides heart-warming examples of how an active lifestyle integrated with a strong support system can empower people to have a high quality of life despite the challenges caused by Parkinson’s disease . . . There is no doubt that following the principles suggested in this book will lead to a healthier, more functional, and longer life in comparison to a sedentary lifestyle.”

Linda k Olson

Linda K Olson, M.D.

Award-winning Author

Person with Parkinson’s Disease

Triple amputee

"If you want to take back control from Parkinson’s Disease, you should stop what you are doing right now and buy this book. The stories at the beginning and end will inspire you with life-changing results for people living with Parkinson’s Disease. Packed in between these vignettes is everything you need to get you off your butt and find an exercise program that will help you retard the progression of the disease. There are extensive peer-reviewed references, multiple exercise regimens, and recipes for motivation—even the clever idea of naming your exercise program after the name of your favorite drink! Read it from front to back, or pick and choose what interests you. No matter how you do it, make these ideas part of your plan for attacking Parkinson’s Disease."

Kristy Rose Follmar
Kathy Helmuth

Kathy Helmuth, RN

Cofounder, Parkinson's Cycling Coach

Kristy Rose Follmar

Cofounder, Rock Steady Boxing
Three-Time World 
Champion Boxer
2022 Inductee to the Indiana Boxing Hall of Fame

"What an exceptional job you have done with this book. Thank you for allowing me to be an advanced reader. You will help so many people with the information you have provided. I especially enjoyed the individual journeys of the people with Parkinson's you profile in the book. I think that the information will be invaluable." 

“This is a must-read book for anyone newly diagnosed or anyone who has had Parkinson’s for years! This book lays out the science behind Parkinson’s exercise and explains why it is vital for people with Parkinson’s to find an exercise program and stick with it. Exercise is medicine. So pick up this book—and keep your hands up!”

Chris Timberlake

Christine Timberlake
PD Care Partner  
Director of Training and Education, Rock Steady Boxing

"What a wonderful resource you have assembled in this book. So many different perspectives and so much hope and positivity. Thank you so much for your beautiful work."




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